Getting Poor Reviews on Your Performance Reviews and Surveys Due to People Skills?

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You, Need to Unleash Your Superior People Skills...

Voss W Graham Sr Business Advisor & CEO InnerActive Consulting Group Inc

FROM: Voss W Graham
TO: Executive Leaders and High Profile Executives
RE: Invitation to Mastering Your People Skills for Ultimate Success

Hello, my name is Voss Graham.

Being a 46 year veteran in the Business World, I'm honored to have worked with Great Leaders and disappointed in some not so great leaders.

What differentiates the Great Leaders from the "Good to not so good?" It really boils down to People Skills. The Great Leaders are excellent at engaging people and gaining buy-in to the leader's vision.

Some of the most talented executives and managers I have worked with during my 46 years of business experience, had superior technical expertise yet, did not qualify as Great Leaders due to their poor Soft Skills a.k.a. People Skills.

These highly technical experts can learn how to use soft skills with their people - gaining buy-in, commitment and engagement. When these highly competent technical executives learned how to use their people skills, they became True Executive Leaders. Watching these executives become leaders is exciting and rewarding. And, when fast tracker technical managers acquire soft skills expertise, they get promoted to their Dream positions.

FACT: Major Research for the Past three decades has repeated found it is Soft Skills making the difference in high performing individuals. Hard skills are fine to have, yet it is the Soft Skills which get the best out of others. Great Leaders understand this principle and learn the Soft Skills for high performance.

Do you struggle with these challenges?

Fact: 85% of Your Success depends upon the Performance of Other People. How good are you currently in engaging and inspiring your people to higher results? The Key to your ultimate success and legacy is directly related to your Mastery of Soft Skills. What are some of the signs of poor Soft Skills…

  • Your people are consistently under performing even with high potential and competent staff members.
  • Communication of objectives and standards of performance have little impact upon overall performance and results.
  • Meetings are ineffective due to one sided discussions with little feedback, questions or engagement from the people attending.
  • The organization's cultural surveys reflect poorly on your effectiveness due to low scores in communication, engagement and caring about the team members.
  • Your people appear to be lacking self-responsibility for their results and tend to engage in assigning blame for poor performance.
  • You are experiencing higher than average turnover rates of high performers as compared to other areas in your organization.

You Can Easily MASTER these Skills...

People Skills are not a birth right. Leaders learn how to improve their people skills over time. The old method was to learn how over time due to low turnover rates and a stability within the work force. Not so today! The Fast Pace of Business with its accompanying instant communication requirements, mandate the "Soft Skills" which seem too Hard for Many Executives to Master.

The Good News is a Simple Process to Know How to Interact with Others - building trust, engaging employees, getting buy-in for your projects, and driving the high performance culture you want for your team and organization. Within a Short Period of Time, you will get the results you want using Your Soft Skill abilities to Drive Results.

Know "Yourself" Completely

Self Awareness is the starting point for becoming a great leader and person.

The best Leaders know themselves extremely well - strengths and weaknesses. They remove the "blind spots" in their interaction with others to ensure everyone's success. This includes knowing if they are actually in the right position to excel in their personal performance. Alignment of their strength with the job requirements leads to performance breakouts.

You Can Communicate Effectively with Anyone

FACT: 80% of personal conflict is directly related to lack of behavioral style expertise. Style has been ignored, misused or misunderstood in use.

Leaders, Executives, Managers and Professionals become more effective when they learn how to "flex" their style when communicating to others. Learning this simple skill allows others to actually get the message you intended to send them. This leads directly to effectiveness and evidently to higher levels of productivity due to crisp communication matched the listeners preferences.

You Know Exactly What to Do Next

Once you have an understanding of your natural strengths and weaknesses the next step is to create a plan of action.

Having insight into what makes you "tick" will allow you to optimize your effectiveness in all phrases of your work and personal life. Creating developmental plans relative to both who you are and what you want to be gives you a competitive advantage over the individuals living a life by accident. Get clear and focused upon what you want to accomplish in life and set the priorities to get there. Expertise in the Soft Skills is an achievable goal.

All Of This is Included Today...

Voss is looking for Executives or Line Managers to assist in making 2017 their best year ever. Take action today and get started today towards making 2017 your best year ever and top that performance in 2018 and beyond. You will be getting a complete Personalized Strengths and Weaknesses Report, with an up to three hour one on one session with Voss (Skype or Go To Meeting) and Action Plans for Your Personal Improvement Plan. Then you will have additional one on one time with Voss to enhance your entrepreneurial leadership skills as well as the soft skills to balance your technical skills.

You have no risk and my clients always tell me "This was a Very Valuable Use of My Time"  Click the Next Step to Get Started on Improving Your Personal Effectiveness Today. Start today by taking action - entrepreneurial method of being action oriented. Click the button below now.

  • Get Your Individualized Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Report. Learn exactly How You do things, Why You do things, Will You do things and Have You done things for Self-Awareness. Objective Information without the bias or prejudice from subjective reviews. This is the Starting Point for all our Dialogues about You and Your Performance.
  • A Review of Your Objectives and Goals - including Your Dream Position. Placing these at the Top of Mind awareness focuses our dialogues.
  • A One on One Debrief of Your Natural Strengths and Weaknesses Report with Voss. Connecting the Dots on What will help you and what is hurting Your Personal Performance. Focus is on Using Your New Insight for the Future.
  • Develop Specific Action Plans for Achieving the Results You Desire.
  • Get an Emotional Intelligence Report and learn your high performance status

Real Success From Real Customers...

Voss Graham and InnerActive Consulting Group has been helping Executives Get to Their Next Level of Success for over 32 years. Experience has been achieved while working with Fortune 500 companies and fast growing Regional Companies with many of clients continuing to engage Voss for over a decade due to the results they get.

You want to work with the best, since expertise provides you with faster results. Click the "Next Steps" now to get started with Mastering Your Soft Skills in a Hard World. Gain the Competitive Edge You Always Wanted.

“Your Coaching and Advice enabled me to get promoted to a Vice President position. I think about you often and using what you taught me to success in the People Skill arena, which as you know, almost got me fired.”

Gordon S.

Being a Finance guy I was very comfortable with numbers and spreadsheets, yet, my lack of People Skills was negatively impacting my work performance. Thanks for helping me understand how to both use my strengths AND flex my style when dealing with others. My Performance Evaluations have improved since we worked together. Thanks!

Kris G.

Thanks for showing me that I was not a “bitch” as so many had labeled me. You showed me how to deal with all types of people effectively and I appreciate it very much. I even got a “Boss of the Year” award. Amazing how much you helped me.

Karen M.

You are a legend around here. How you pinpointed a lack of execution was impacting my personal productivity and the divisions productivity was outstanding. Since our session we have implemented a complete system to measure our execution and you were right. All our performance data has increased since our 3 hour session.

Bryan G.

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Examples of Client RESULTS

The Case of the Over Demanding Manager

ISSUE: A manager from a highly technical group was being turned into the Human Resources Department on a weekly basis. The Executive Management team was alerted to the problem by the HR department.

Meetings were devoted to learning what was going for so many complaints being filed by this team towards their Manager.

It was decided he needed People Skills improvement since his technical skills were excellent - even industry leader level type. Therefore, firing or demoting him was not a first option, in fact, the executive team was highly motivated to keep him on board - yet, the People Skills problem needed to be corrected immediately. As a consequence to his issue being evaluated, he was passed over for an important promotion to a new Vice President position.

SOLUTION: He became a coaching client with an objective of improving his people skills to the level whereby he was no longer a problem to the organization and become a valued leader for the organization.

The First Action was to identify his natural strengths and weaknesses to create an accurate level of Self-Awareness. As Self-Awareness is the starting point for developing leadership skills, we accomplished this early in the process.

It became obvious he was very different from his direct reports. He was direct, loud and confrontational while his team was indirect, quiet and avoided conflict at all costs. He was fast paced and delegated by telling his team exactly what results he wanted. His team was more deliberate using a slower pace to promote accuracy of details and definitely more process oriented which meant they needed guidelines and boundaries to deliver the results. In other words, the manager and his team were total opposites relative to getting results and communication.

Focused the manager on becoming flexible in dealing with his staff; allowing time for two way dialogue to encourage feedback; softening his approach in order to gain their trust and respect; and finally to improve his understanding of what his staff needed in order to drive the results both he and the organization needed.

The Results of the Coaching Engagement was he was Promoted to Sr Vice President of a larger Division and has been very successful over the years. He is respected as a True Leader - both from a Technical and People Leadership standpoint.

WARNING: Your Legacy is At Risk!  🙂

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Change Your Destiny Today

YES, I want FAST TRAC COACHING! I want Voss to work with me right now.

Your  Investment is only    $2,500

Your Real Return on Your Investment is Your Future Legacy.

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you’re not happy for any reason, simply let Voss know and we’ll happily refund your money…


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